Matt Columbus is a public relations specialist with a knack for exploring the unknown. Equally at home in the jungle, or urban jungle, Matt uses his experience with written communication, research, and multimedia channels to reach out to audiences that are undiscovered.




Take a look at an in depth analysis at the Modelo brand as it relates to multicultural audiences here in the US.

CARHARTT budget request

[The Business of Our Business]

In this budget request I take on the persona of a public relations assistant for one of my favorite brands with the goal of gaining budget approval for an integrated marketing campaign to attract an emerging target audience more effectively.

disruptive ai

[The Business of Our Business]

Artificial Intelligence will have widespread effects for all industries; including our own. Copywriters be warned, Watson is coming for your job!


animal cancer foundation research powerpoint

The Animal Cancer Foundation is the leading philanthropic organization funding comparative oncology research. Using the social media analytics platform, Infegy Atlas, our team created a campaign to drive donations.


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